*Da-Da da DA!!!*

No, I'm not a dinosaur.

No, I'm not a dinosaur.

*Looks up from Guitar.* “Hmm..? Oh hi. I’m Gazek. A new memba of this band. I’m the guitarist, and the Graphics person. So, I’ll be rocking myself out ova here. (You better not listen if you value your ears.). Ok, so… I’ll be making major changes to this palace… You can check out meh blog ova here. And I’ll tell you a bit ’bout myself. So, I’m a member of the PHB, the best blog for poptropica help. And other stuff.. Ok. I live in India, though I was born in America. I play the guitar in real life, and I rock at it… [rEaD bElOw]

And. B.Y.E. (For now, that is.)

Dizzy penguin: Yep, that’s him.The charming Gazek…(jk) Also, we have 2 new members comin’ , skittywing(spotted panda) and nicemmoon.