I am closing this band! It is not working well….so yeah…


Since none of these couch potatoes *cough*Gazeknicemoonpokelordskittywing*cough* are thinking of a song,We are going to have our first contest. you can write a song for us. But, exactly what do you get? Nothing! A front row seat to our concert, (if we have one) and a chance to fall off a cliff! Woot! Well, that will not be told at the time.

Write it on a comment, or PM me on the PHF, but do not email me.Don’t ask.

Yo! I’m Dizzy Penguin! Other than the stupid hello world thing, this is my first post! Woot!  I live in south carolina, but my parents are from vietnam.My birthday is……June 5! This wordpress stuff is very confusing. But, I’ll get the hang of it. In the band, I am Drummer, singer, and founder. I have an account on the PHF! Well…..see ya.

Hi! This is the pop rocks (band) blog, or the PRB. I’ll edit the header later….I’m kinda new to this wordpress thing so, just bear with me.Have fun!